Ciutadella de Menorca, the ideal place for your holidays in Menorca

Discover the charm of the old capital of the island

Nostalgia roams the streets, the corners and stones of Ciutadella's historical centre. This nostalgia guides the visitor with its light and reminds you of the people who used to live there in the past and those who are now their children, brothers and sisters.

Some people say that the people make city, whilst others say that a city makes the people. The present day Ciutadella is the result of the coexistence of very different characters, and the constant mix of races. This is all thanks to the ability of the people of Ciutadella able to welcome all.

Moving through the streets of the old city, declared as a National Historic-Artistic Monument, takes you to a noble and ecclesiastic past.

Up until the end of the XVII century, Ciutadella survived in a precarious self-governing monarchy and with a considerable immovability of the population. These circumstances provoked that the appearance of the city had a very slow evolution and thus conserved good part of its older elements: stark façades, small windows, picturesque streets...

Jammona is the first name that Ciutadella had. It means "sea" meaning that for the first commercial navigators it was always found to the west. A good example of this is that still today many Minorquin citizens refer to Ciutadella as "Cap de Ponent".

It is true that the eyes of this city look to the west and its old, first sea entrance, the port, also is oriented to the west.